piss another prelude


piss another prelude ( edulerp rehtona ssip )

dry before the soak
yonder on – the branches dance
soldiers dip the yolk
carpenters in barking pants

ants retreat below
under boughs – the heifers stall
when the egg is sleep
sky above a wrecking ball

stick around ‘n’ see
where the air’s a shade of glue
nettles spoon the soup
teasels tease a tickled hue

calm before the stork
posts a spring delivery
on a nature walk
free from normal’zzz pillory

greener than a dream
breezes stir the marmalade
climb a mountain ash
call a trowel – a garden spade

sing a salad daze
chase the shapes of shifting shrouds
hit the shitter’s fan
scatter under wazzing clouds

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