the greening swards


the greening swards ( sdraws gnineerg eht )

strolling on a golden egg
when the hen of then rewards
climb the bladder’s ladder rung
life is snakes ‘n’ chequerboards

piss a pot of that’s shallot
skin the pickled goblin hordes
onion rings ‘n’ flutter wings
penning pencils fencing swords

posting pillared letterheads
dodging normal’zzz mortarboards
out about – the papered trails
dipping dales ‘n’ crossing fords

wander swan, the bend is thy
catch a buzz ‘n’ fly towards
lend an ear ‘n’ disappear
major keys ‘n’ minor chords

musical, the mutant moon
clarinets ‘n’ clavichords
potpourri a gloaming sea
going like the clapperboards

’til the kitchen syncs in time
jumping jacks ‘n’ leaping lords
spawn another yawning rhyme
morning on the greening swards

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