safely does it


safely does it ( ti seod tlefas )

i’m signing in
not keith or frank
my normalzzz name
so i can wank
– safely

i’m registered
but not a nonce
we all are now
conform at once
– safely

the internet
is hurty words
i’d sooner cry
or feed the birds
– safely

& thought is all
so genocide
erase the free
– safely

a dangerous phrase
is you decide
so dox the lot
with psuedocide
– safely

pick the blandest
lowest of fruits
is stamping boots
– safely

we cannot write
or sing a song
or shite a light
upon this wrong
– safely

electric eyes
are perving all
& alphabets
are souping y’all
– safely

i’m all alone
in outer space
a terry square
upon my face
– safely

i’m banging pots
for monkey pox
so i can eat
me cocoa pops
– safely

the green is grey
the bots is bits
the shoe is glue
the fucker fits
– safely

we’re killing all
& onward’s hell
we’re skipping forth
but wishing well
– safely

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