this is not a war song


this is not a war song ( gnos raw a ton si siht )

once upon a now
as a bullish fresian cow
pats upon the leas

like the gosling shite
of the proper gander walrus
they of frozen seas

them of muzzle up
back in season seventy
thousand three threes

treble eleven
with its potholes in plotlines
splitting like the peas

we are not a bot
tangled in the bramble’s arms
stiller than a frieze

children of the egg
fooling on beyond the song
of a swan with fleas

see the garden glint
glimmer in a mirror’s eyes
normalzzz snoring zees

blue is just the sky
yellow – just a buzzing hue
( feasting bumblebees )

blow the latest thing
like a pollen sneezing breeze
eat my bellend cheese

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