the jabbers


the jabbers ( srebbaj eht )

queen in the parlour

eating bananas

      me in the woodland

      dancing with badgers

preening a greening

farmers ‘n’ llamas

      bats in the rafters

      lording the manors

purple in patches

whirl is y’ oyster

      dawn is a portal

      foiling the hatters

speaking of spanners

splitting in places

      traces of faces

      ladders ‘n’ adders

live as the rotters

pockets of otters

      pissing the potters

      after the bangers

startle the starlings

blue in the evening

      beaming bejesus

      staring with daggers

there in the headlights

not in the headlines

      dropping like dead flies

      cripes, it’s the jabbers

titter & bwisted

miserable mutants

      brickin’ a future

      cackin’ the crackers

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