those ghost writers


those ghost writers ( sretirw tsohg esoht )


pen with phantom hands

z-lister biographies

loveable soap star’s


television chefs

& sticky wicket keeper’s

spawn of narcissus


big on instagram

them of telling all again

footyball legend’s


soil the printed page

with a minor royal’s life

polished like a turd


stir the living word

scribble piffle night & day

ectoplasmic ink


from beyond the grave

sanctimonious twaddle

( so stunning & brave )


death’s a career move

when the reaper’s scythe a’ swings

here a signet sings


rat-a-tat typers

nonexistent nom de plumes

– it’s those ghost writers

( author notes )

written in the village

where the all bots are stuck

on hysteria

over nothing

beyond software projection mode

for now

( & that’s proper dark that )

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