scraps, maps & missives


scraps, maps & missives ( sevissim & spam ,sparcs )

pen of pencil sharpeners

should the moon permit

       soon is pickled in a jar

       yesterday’s tomorrow

colanders & calendars

so gather scatter cushions

      ’til the roman roads

      curve like space-time

spittle meets the sun

rainbows stuck in traffic’s jam

      tangled as the brambles

      of next week’s daydream

ants ‘n’ ammonites

cotton socks ‘n’ jacobites

      spring is heeled like jack

      jumping roof to roof

face a pheasant’s brace

death is television

      evil’s mediocrity

      & cucumbers in fridges

this is not the song

a woodcock in a wood would sing

      like a fucking trooper

      in h-flat major

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