pea estuary


pea estuary ( yautse aep )

i thought i heard a curlew
& then the heavens opened

letters in the post
missives from the messrs

soon is cheesy beans
& lemon fool for pudding

off before it’s on
once upon a turnip

so the weather spins
on an antiquated shilling

see the evening primrose
weeping of morn’

she’s crossing ‘neath the junction
but still the cunts turn in

don’t these gobshites know
the highway fucking code?

a crocus on your pillow
a sweaty yeti drips

the gravy train is late
the bus is on sabbatical

i’ll wait until the hedgehogs
fly like buttered wings

clarinets & catkins
corncrakes & cornflakes

( author notes )

based on a moan
& some random lines i wrote

pardon my language
but pedestrians have right of way

most cars ignore this
i’ve nearly been mowed over twice
in the last month
& once was by an interlfora van
( name ’em & shame ’em )


i’m not the she crossing
& i wasn’t thinking of the lady
in the photo either
as she’s everyone that’s had a brush
with the reaper recently
or something


the picture’s an old list i found
of a wander in a field
– author unknown –

( ? )

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