once more with fooling


once more with fooling ( gniloof htiw erom ecno )

bonce upon a planet egg
nought’s a start – the starlings say

when the zen’s a rubber hen
& the flaming sun is grey

giz a kiss, the finches sing
scribble in a squirrel’s drey

languages in sandwiches
posting on the ess in ay

tripping on banana skins
bee the bumble’s bobbing sleigh

blossom snows, a bottom blows
parping parsnips, copses sway

bollocks is a friend of mine
horses moo ‘n’ bullocks neigh

pickled pepper parallax
captain cabbage cabaret

galaxies in cans of peas
spot the flocks of shepherds stray

life is butter pantomime
spread the bread upon this day

normalzzz is a willing host
as the monkish mantis pray

let the jesters pester you
’til the noon ‘n’ run away

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