target audience


target audience ( ecneidua tegrat )

with vertigo
& motion sickness

lollipop ladies
with two glass eyes
& narcolepsy

fellow subscribers
of fillipino welder
& eskimo tea lady monthly

minstrels ‘n’ nymphs
fit nuns & ninjas
( even if they’re ginger )

village weirdos
with hairy palms
who talk to the faerie folk

those who dance the blues
in dyspraxia shoes
& mermaids with barnacle beards

hardcore insomniacs
with bags beneath bags
who spot the shooting stars

snarks on the park
pissing in the dark
as the normalzzz snore

plodders of the leas
not those n.p.c’s
with their woe is me poetry

all the non-bots
who see beyond the gaps
of the dot-dot-dots

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