collectivism will tear us apart


collectivism will tear us apart ( trapa su raet lliw msivitcelloc )

swans upon a dreaming daze
songs beyond the river’s haze
of a morning’s nature walk
seeking beaming solar rays

music is a mutant key
stirs the steaming soup in me
ticks the cockles, warms a box
all’s an otter’s odyssey

so the pickled poems flow
where the haring air is fro
like a shrew within y’ shoe
moorland’s calling – climb ‘n’ grow

seek the purple heather – quick
sucking not the rainbow’s dick
bending not a knee or neck
worship not the needle’s prick

let the herded cattle moo
lost with not a pissing clue
swivel little villagers
swimming in the ‘rona’s pooh

wobble this ‘n’ sounding that
bouncing ‘neath a bobble hat
be an individual
normalzzz is a fucking twat

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