muse is a river


muse is a river ( revir a si esum )

drift of the scribbles, quibbles in i
ripple of riddles, slice of the pi

pizza the puzzle, source of the roar
blowing a bubble, jig of the saw

plod with a pencil, sod of the off
notes of the mentalz, peaks in a trough

floatings of flotsam, blossom in spring
life of a possum, sultan of sing

cousin of cabbage, mother of flux
finding the language, quacking with ducks

laughing at normalz – nothing is there
prancing through portals, boxing the hare

hill in a mirror, scrys & the lows
muse is a river – go where she flows

shit in a forest, piss in the sea
gland of the promised, manna is she

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