monks ‘n’ monkey me


monks ‘n’ monkey me ( em yeknom ‘n’ skom )

silence is alive
shiver in this shibboleth
in between the breaths of death
like the i in we

weaving in the mist
downing tins of bouncing beans
singing songs of headless queens
smoking sesame

dancing with the ants
pantomimes in pantaloons
as a rabid badger croons
pissing up a tree

so beneath the moon
see the beams of lucifer
tickle uncle jupiter
morning is a key

’til the sun’s a star
when the lark’s a garden gnome
if the wind’s a metronome
seek the green of lea

hens as pecking pens
marching as a tiger barks
pencil sharpeners, sharks ‘n’ snarks
monks ‘n’ monkey me

catch a catkin’s nap
ink to timbuktu or france
prancing with a spastic stance
scribble on & see

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