squawking boots


squawking boots ( stoob gnikwauqs )

once upon another day
as the normalzzz yawn in suits
racing rats but fading fast
face the vast in squawking boots

see the mizzle’s fizzle pop
as the breezes flutter flutes
sun above & crows below
nesting toes in squawking boots

west ‘n’ south ‘n’ norther east
out’s about – abound is hoots
owls around us – if the moon
shines her cheeks on squawking boots

dawn again – anew’s refrain
seek the gleam of greener shoots
as the woodland’s shedding eaves
kicking leaves in squawking boots

pausing neath an apple tree
scrumping uncle autumn’s fruits
ponder with a hymn within
singing songs of squawking boots

all is music’s mutant spawn
when the muse is strumming lutes
then the yonder’s wander calls
walking on in squawking boots

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