o couplet, all ye faithful


o couplet, all ye faithful ( lufhtiaf ey lla ,telpuoc o )

see a sea ahead within a head
sing of biscuit men & gingerbread

tread the ashen path of scatter graph
as the rabid badger rabbles laugh

& the little village weasels spin
spanners for another stroking chin

gossip for an ever-growing nose
but the riddled river giver flows

so the kicks ‘n’ rhythms run away
chase the kitchen sinking sun of day

irk the scourge of worms within the bonce
poop’s a scoop & normalzzz is a nonce

lark beyond the puppet’s dungeon door
prancing not the marbled march of war

talk t’ trees & squirrels in the park
watch the starlings twinkle after dark

scribble as a scrambled scrabble board
glory be & spank the horny lord

in the staggered mist of mystery
rhyming like a throbbing dictionary

chuckles in a double-buckled shoe
music is the muse’s mutant glue

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