a load of old showbiz necro-cults


a load of old showbiz necro-cults ( stluc-orcen dlo fo daol a )

& a nightingale farts

like a pat upon the pastures

      from the arse of a bull

      but in berkley square

 where x-r morris dance

dressed as gloaming ghosts

      in bleach white sheets

      ironed by a maid

silent like the actress

who drinks the blood of shrews

      on a tuesday afternoon

      or a certain thursday morning

goading the gas

from the reverend rectal passage

    pissing on the pulpit

     with ruby red paint

as the quiz show host

with a secret goblin mistress

      vomits on a furry

      in his dungeon dressing room

see these manic mannequins

wanking abstract mime

    bobbing like cadavers

    in a pop star’s hot tub

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