( puntitled )


( puntitled ) ( deltitnup )

spin between daydreams
hazy is my middle name
      up before the cockerel spurts
      comatosed purple prose

rove along hedge’s rows
clover cloaks this interlude
      pencil in a definite
      lest the owls forget

few is farther than between
far is pickled in a jar
      is the moon a mutant sun?
      heck the how are you?

mistress of the mizzle’s mirth
murmurs stir this steaming mug
      see the evening primrose doze
      when the dawn’s a fawn

all is or – or mugwort
moxibustion offerings
      once upon a wonky song
      falling off your rocking horse

rising like a treecreeper
wake the dead with leavened bread
      keys tambourine
      in my anorak pockets

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