khaos luncheon


khaos luncheon ( noehcnul soahk )

dice a pickled onion

with the sword of damocles

      fry like friar tuck

      or a japanese fly

with a cheesy nob of butter

or a bellend of oil

      on the bottomless bottom

      of an anus-shaped cauldron

stir in the tears

of sonnet-sobbing milksops

      watch ’til it boils

      with the eyes of a lord indra

humming like the horns

of beethoven’s fourth

      scatter phoenix ash

      foliage from phobus

unicorn pubes

& eighty eight parsnips

      add five panpipes

      & fifty seven wednesdays

simmer in the darkness

for six or seven epochs

      serve with steamed greens

      & the battle of the bulge

– enjoy

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