21st century cabbages


21st century cabbages ( segabbac yrutnec ts 12 )

swans upon a morning’s moo

wronging songs of roll ‘n’ rock

like a pebble in a shoe

or a puppet in a sock


inks the rub of rubber ducks

flying like a mountain’s mist

bending earth of mother flux

this is not a shopping list


down among the dingle’s ring

sipping troughs upon the peaks

back before the badger king

scatters cushion buttock cheeks


but the buttress butter balls

bugger all is vaster than

all the twitching curtain calls

shit the road & hit the fan


fuck the truck of monster men

animism animates

mrs. sheet & mr. pen

friends again – so i’ve got mates


so the fog is dancing dogs

lo, the cloven clover trots

where the hare is boxing frogs

squint an i & dot the dots

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