adjective, noun & verb


adjective, noun & verb ( brev & nuon ,evitcejda )

ardent aardvarks ascend

baboonish beavers bassoon

chemical cosmonauts conga

dead diplodocuses dither

english eels echo

feathered frenchman foghorn

gallant gasmen gargle

holographic housewives howl

itchy iguanas isobar

junkie janitors jamboree

kaput kettles kip

lazy lighthouses lap

milky martian marvel’s

nonchalant normies nosedive

operatic onyxes ossify

pisspot prussians placate

quizzical queens quacking

red rosebushes retreat

sylpihd saturday shakes

turgid tuesday’s toes

underling unicorns utter

vampish vole vibrations

weeping weasels wassail

xanthum xylophones xylocarp

yellow yesterday yarns

z-list zeus zithers

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