the nu-normalzzz


the nu-normalzzz ( zzzlamron-un eht )

when the wart is ovaries

we, the weevil spawn

children of the growing nose

glowing – like a worm


us, the shivered servants of

winter with a twist

gimps of global gubbins

gibbons of the guff


myrmidons of pricks ‘n’ ticks

drones of s & m

while the earth is gurning

like a phetted goon


we, the spoons of mutant moons

worshippers of keys

fodder of the sci-fi

& fans of dancing nurses


we, the soy in hoi poloi

splattered by statistician shit

shattered, shatted, shafted up

the jitty path with glee


shall begin & face the beige

smiling like a bot

under shifting shrouds of clouds

spankful for our lot

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