may day not mayday


may day not mayday ( yadyam ton yad yam )

pinch another punch
this is not a sinking ship
as the morris dancers skip
rhyme the time of crunch

blurting on the fist
calendars ‘n’ caterwauls
bouncing balls ‘n’ rubber walls
vernal splurges versed

ribbon ’round a pole
seek a greener pagan grail
chase the spin of summer’s tail
prancing as a foal

gibbon on this day
under skins of onion sky
flutter like a butterfly
in the moth of may

gather knotted nuts
hedge along a pasture’s path
with a dog, a sack ‘n’ staff
as the pheasant struts

waxing like a loon
irk the needle – ink a scene
weave the scree of in between
’til the moons of a june

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