spin absentia


spin absentia ( aitnesba nips )

i ink of you & whisper
a phantom in the head
of mucus, snot ‘n’ sputum
& winter daze in bed

a doze upon the sofa
beneath a tartan rug
a candle in the darkness
the snugness of a bug

the bright beyond the funnel
a flutter in the night
a star afore the dawning
a viral sprite of light

the papers say you’ve vanished
but i believe in you
the cousin of corona
my cold old friend – the flu

perhaps you found shamballah?
or bought a house on mars?
a neighbour of lord lucan?
i wonder where you are

a roaming in the gloaming
upon the hills & flat
a sylph in evening’s aether
or else the tests are shat
( ? )

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