another april fool poem


another april fool poem ( meop loof lirpa rehtona )

sound a hornet’s nest
strolling england’s pheasant gland
spring is on a quest

rolling up the hills
dice defying gravity
jumping jacks & jills

as the spanners fly
we, the flowered flap with cats
hyacinth & i

lamb a lion’s mouth
leap the frogs in spawning bogs
plod the north ‘n’ south

odder than y’socks
see the dogs in dancing clogs
piffle’s picking locks

puddle up the creak
cabbage in the muddle’s mash
as the bubble’s squeak

ants in pantaloons
prance upon the spillage green
& the blossom croons

sing ’til kumquat may
gibbon ribbons ’round a pole
ape the grey away

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