jog off, jogger-nought


jog off, jogger-nought ( thguon-reggoj ,ffo goj )

sing of headless chicken shits

& pigeon-livered sorts

      ploughing down pedestrians

      – those fucking jogger-noughts

thinking all must disappear

& clear a “special” path

      for the sweating lycra-legged

      & scatter like a graph

or the walking folk will fall

upon a tosser’s trot

      as the weasel pistons pump

     within the flesh of bot

see the scree of mamil men

the carnage barging through

      cripple’s clutches flying high

      a pram is halved in two

nuns beneath the pickled stink

of pissing prancing feet

      chasing karma’s twisted tail

      upon a darkened street

running into blacker blues

a gasping avenue

      feathered breath is fading fast

      & death is chasing you

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