spring a song of sixpence


spring a song of sixpence ( ecnepxis fo gnos a gnirps )

hocus pokes a poet so
frozen inner-rivers flow

yawning thawing warms the air
yonder hop the boxing hare

as the croaking crocus frog
uppercutting ducking fog

quacking like a muddled hen
beans the stalk of morning’s pen

spooning light in sparkling eyes
under shooting starling skies

‘pon the gleaming, greening leas
spinsters catch a frisking breeze

stirring stagnant kitten spit
winters ship is in the shit

serpents circle, buzzards hum
brambles bursting bubblegum

minstrels mince in just a thong
rabid badger bang a gong

blossom blossoms, truckers truck
butchers butcher, pandas fuck

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