ante scriptum


ante scriptum ( mutpircs etna )

rise before the lark

wander in the darkness

      when the snarks & goblins

      dance upon the leas

see the mooning moon

marvel at those arse cheeks

      beam beneath the stars

      or a sleeping shroud of cloud

climb a pillock’s hillock

smoke a banana skin bifter

      sing within the bonce

      hymns from nature’s notebooks

salad shit & shopping lists

whatever floats your boatswain

      laughing if it rains

      plod a sodden path

home before the normalzzz

rise & shite again

      neck five pints of coffee

      light a milky tealight

double drop two aspirin

with a spoonful of junior calpol

      scratch a rabid thought-form

      grab a pen – & then

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