bed to back


bed to back ( kcab ot deb )

good morning

it’s earwigs

or ear wigs

a wiggle

your eyebrows

are highbrow

like low cloud

plus caffeine

the lemon

in melon

a twister

of tonsils

a fracture

the scattered

a lemur

a femur

the garden

is carpets

but crystal’s

the riddle

a pencil

plus paper

the badgers

& crosswords

a kettle

is steaming

like wyverns

this evening

a wiggle

or earwigs

it’s earwigs

good morning

( author notes )

please bear in mind that

the adverts on wordpress

which often pop up

in the middle of a post

are nothing to do with me

& pay me eff-all

( i’m not a fan either )

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