candlemas wax


candlemas wax ( xaw samweldnac )

once anon upon a swan
singing in the spinning yon
as the crawling, yawning dew
shines away the night

cycles in the snorting air
rocking like a horsing chair
yet the flapping phantom flu
sucks us in the shite

yesterday is rain again
chase a tracing paper plane
catch a dancing kangaroo
all the daze a blur

bouncing on the thawing ground
balls of orblets sprawl around
springs within y’ shuffled shoe
as the catkins purr

& the gormless normalzzz falls
teeter, topple weasel walls
paddles in the annal’s pooh
flee this tangled web

riddle in the twisting mist
scribble little piffle lists
music is the mutant glue
things t’do in feb

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