technique … ish


technique … ish ( hsi … euqinhcet )

with leaden legs of stead
within the twists of sylphid mist
a scribble in the head

the mumbles crumb & play
the bumblebees in stumble me
the jumbles of the day

beneath the croaking cloud
or by the sprite of candle’s light
the monologue’s aloud

a play without a plot
a pantomime in underpants
a sort of pissing pot

the scrapes of nature notes
a stoat within a weasel wood
the scrotal scapes of goats

a coma on the run
the lottery of prosody
another smoking pun

i plod the sodden leas
within the wails & scale the dales
a song upon the breeze

& ink the life & times
the rise & scrawl of bugger all
until the fucker rhymes

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