blah, blah, corona, blah


blah, blah, corona, blah ( halb , anoroc ,halb ,halb )

mutants, drones a wojak

on the six o’clock snooze

so the muffled muppets shake

little chickens shitting bricks

there’s a snare within the air

in the absence of a hare

as i shop with cash

with my stubbled chops unmasked

there’s the scars of self-harm

in the startled eyes of cattle

& a gap between the ears

in the year of the weasel

in a two ‘n’ middle eight

of a wank swansong

when the cult of science spins

so the hermits stroke their chins

there’s a star before the dawn

in the marbles of the morning

but the normalzzz is a wall

& the fucker will not fall

ruddy worms in every can

irk the squirms within my journals

words gather dust

like nightingale hospitals

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