question air


question air ( ria noitseuq )

pale beyond the gale
winter’s lost her twisted tail
in between the wars

all is yawning balls
cross & dot the whats ‘n’ wares
pause & question air

name your favourite cheese?
stiltons, cheddars, red leicesters
eighties, goats or bries?

why the summer haze?
did you build the pyramids?
brown sauce or ketchup?

is it sweet above
i upon the sodden ground?
why don’t penguins fly?

do i breathe in you
like i breathe in thee & see
dragons dancing breath?

gleaming, sylphid forms
of a speckled, spawning morn
plodding on the leas

why this stifled still?
is the off a peaking trough?
when will you blow so?

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