the things we see


the things we see ( ees ew gniht eht )

clutter in the clouds

& a thousand frowning faces

badgers on the run

from a wanker with a gun

evening’s sinking songs

& a silent poltergeist

bluish shooting stars

& the speckled red of mars

spawning yawns of dawn

of a watercolour morning

finches still unflinching

like a stare-off with a mirror

pairs of great white egrets

in the doldrums of december

puddles within potholes

& a plot hole in a novel

the normies in their normalzzz world

the n.p.c’s / meat

little village busy-zees

watch the flesh-bots scurry

time as tealights flickered

with the whispers in the mist

shadows in the dark

& a golden host of snarks

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