thoughts on hedgehogs


thoughts on hedgehogs ( sgohegdeh no sthguoth )

they wage no scraps or wars

like mutant human-pigs

or weasel-woodland boars

with sworded tusks that kill

they eat no chips or swill

or hog the crusts ‘n’ grubs

they feed on sleepless slugs

on nibbles, bits ‘n’ bugs

they snore all yawning morn

& cattled afternoon

to shine a light & rise

just like the blooming moon

then wander on upon

the leas & garden lawns

or cross a misted road

if testing mister death

they cannot roar a bark

or howl at passing owls

or change the shifting shapes

of spinning space & time

they cannot fucking fly

within the air nor sky

their spikes are quills – ’tis true

but they do

live in hedges

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