turnips for the books


turnips for the books ( skoob eht rof spinrut )


pickled cabbage day

splatter saturday

sun is pissing grey

apple afternoons


bob beneath the shroud

cauliflower cloud

squiggles ink aloud

mizzle shrivels prunes


swans upon the once

hymns within the bonce

dance as sonnets ponce

ants in pantaloons


fragments of a gist

not a shopping list

carrots in the mist

brambles & bassoons


tangles in the sludge

spud a sunken trudge

nutter fingers fudge

sinking sanded dunes


wurzels, worms ‘n’ hooks

comas, crows ‘n’ rooks

turnips for the books

suitors, soup ‘n’ spoons


all the swirled’s a stage

gurn another page

rage against the beige

scree the scrawl of loons


smeg the smog of dearth

kicking clods of turf

dream of peas on earth

egging mutant moons

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