the keys


the keys ( syek eht )

tingles in the land of tangles

jingles in a pocket’s jangle

cracking on between the scrambles

plodding on the road

dithers, dawdles, scrawls & gasping

blithers as the brass is rasping

rivers running, fingers clasping

digits in a code

dazes changing, hazes bunching

noses glowing, pinches punching

hymns & spinning, numbers crunching

songs upon a breeze

pushing buttons, switching pitches

summer’s wizards, winter’s witches

motion, oceans, hills & ditches

shifting with the keys

shuffles of a muffed morning

as the sunken sun is yawning

when the staggered stead is fawning

then it’s enter in

floating in the ghost of gloaming

fading, waving, flapping, foaming

beetles heaving, dung’s the roaming

home & let’s begin

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