dim dawdles


dim dawdles  (  seldwad mid  )

sofa comatose
then a stumble rose

mumble in the clear
balladeer of bones

middle night is bright
bolting poltergeist

owl a sound & scape
squawk within a walk

play within a plot
crystal chrysalis

‘fore the yawns of dawn
silver trails of snails

scattering of ash
tattered scraps of maps

pissing in this mist
cabbage anorak

squirms within a book
rain upon the brain

sun is underneath
gleams until the eaves

scumbled umbra hue
leas in lieu of green

warble walrus roar
witch within a ditch

lark in gargled dark
marbled stars of sight

sprite the yellow moon
blooming over hills

purple purring breeze
shapes of phantom badgers

bend is swirling in
spin me back to sleep



( author notes )

the moon was yellow last night

& she looked lovely


























































































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