ffo gnidnuos


ffo gnidnuos  ( sounding off )


never eat shredded wheat

the midlands is a buffer-zone

only troll the b.b.c

& n.p.c’s on twatter

karens, cunts & cannibals

weasels of this human zoo

monkey-skunks with tongues of dung

bitching shit in village pubs

alcohol is muppet juice

wear a pair of rubber boots

leather is the skin of death

meat is callous carnage

kiss the twists of river mist

adders lie in pasture’s grass

i am not y’ fucking gimp

stick y’ mask up y’ ass

gold is old but silver’s birch

words are birds & butterflies

ash is flash & oak’s a cloak

from sping – until the autumn

war’s a scam & all’s a stage

convid is a ponzi scheme

jesus is an octopus

earth’s an egg & mars is green

venus shines beyond the night

try to write by candlelight

with a quill or fountain pen

faces hide in clouds

sing a hymn in libraries

poetry’s a diary

prosody’s a lottery

the internet is not your friend





(  author fuckin’ notes )


does anyone else remember nostalgic recollections?

i love looking back – to the days when i used to look back

( it’s twice as warm then – with doubly lovely blinkers on )












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