modern history


modern history  (  a sprawl, not a poem  )

yesterday i asked a modern historian – what sank the titanic? & he-she-they told me that the titanic sank because of corona. everyone onboard & the ship itself had corona. plus the iceberg that the titanic crashed into was probably just a massive frozen chunk of corona. lying in wait, like a kiddy fiddler in a botanical garden, disguised as a venus flytrap – waiting for a coach load of children from a special school or something …

anyways … he-she-they then proceeded to tell me that there’s no way salieri could have killed mozart. wolfgang died of corona. like jfk, julius caesar & olaf palme – who were all assassinated by corona. plus here’s a handy rhyme for remembering the fates of henry viii’s wives … corona, corona, corona, corona, corona, corona … which to be fair was quite catchy – though i preferred the original. but this is the cut of twenty twenty’s jib, folks – & yes, the death toll keeps on rising. so stay safe & wear that mask or you too will be modern history. as per the new-normalzzzzzzz

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