erehwesle neeb


erehwelse neeb  (  been elsewhere  )


scratching hatched breath

chasing summer’s tailspins


brushing black dogs

gently in the jitties


smoking codewords

roving over clover


spins between a sleep

scrawling rubber walrus


so the crowbar flaps

spartans, sparks ‘n’ spanners


if the rivers swell

nut another shell in


yonder’s woodland nymphs

shatting in the bracken


lark with martian folk

flummox flaxen saxons


morning is a milkman

& we are all his lovechildren


evening is an ombudsman

tossing off a goblin


blow the gas of clouds

hymn aloud with whispers


gasp a galaxy

– sandwiches f’ tea




( author nodes )

this poem is dedicated to

the dozy, old bullshitter

that i had a bit of a barny with

in the queue of wilkos this morning

coz he said i was standing too close to him

when there was at least four metres between us

& anyways

this corona nonsense is about controlling people – not viruses

so i told him he should have gone to specsavers

& stood me ground

( frightened, little robots )

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