the nu-normalzzzzzzz …


the nu-normalzzzzzzz … ( … zzzzzzzlamorn-un eht )


listen to the snooze
& shat y’ padded pants


wipe y’ backside
with stockpiled bog roll


bang on pans ‘n’ pots
like a toddler on drums


live online
& shun the sun’s shine


eat baked beans
with y’ fingers from the tin


flea outdoors
& face the town’s clown frown


support y’ local shop
& the latest global race war


or you’re a wrong’un
soon to be erased


keep two metres
like chevrons on the m1


sneeze with caution
– it’s pantomime season


wash them hands
or a dying nan dies


fight the phantom flight
like a bear swatting flies


wear a sterilised
yashmak on the bus


be a good robot
a prole with no soul



































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