burn the past


burn the past ( tsap eht nrub )


burn the books, circle back

sickles swing, hammers bang

servants of global yokes

sing with swans, freedoms hang

songs refrain, verse reversed

squabbles squalled nursery

children of even’s snooze

buzz to bee – mercenary

sniffing glue, pied on pop

prancing as ashes fly

flapping in majick black

pipers pan – alibi

blend y’knee, hymn of self

see the whirled, phantoms call

guillotines – voguish drones

pick ‘n’ choose, warts in all

bumble in bubble land

lark as not farthing drops

topple through effigies

clobbered with sweat of shops

learn to knot tittle’s jot

glisten with lizard brain

puppet of smother earth

burn the past – burn again













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