& the bathtub ran


& the bathtub ran ( nar buthab eht & )

swans upon a song
howled the bowels of avalon
squirms within a can
purred a cataract
in the daze of doggerland
as the bakers flan
candlemakers waxed
warbles caught a caterwaul
adders hatched a plan
annals scribbled then
tacitus & lazarus
resurrected pan
as the kitchen sank
under poet pissing pots
& the bathtub ran
so the onions sprang
badgers blathered nuts in may
– spanners snaketh man
( author notes )
people often say – that the only fruit that is an anagram of the lemon is the melon
but on my home planet there’s the elomn – which is a bit like a gooseberry – crossed with a banana
then, of course – there’s the nemlo – which is a sort of spikeless pineapple meets lychee meets damson
& last but not least
there’s the molen – which is basically a turquoise pear – but it tastes just like chicken shit
earthlings can be so fruit-racist sometimes
i hope they cancel this ignorant little backwater of a planet soon
( brrrrrrr )

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