calling all …


calling all … (  … lla gnillac  )


calling all librans
with holes in their pockets
gemini jedis
& capricorn cats
spinsters in season
plus spaniels with rabies
borderline collies
& lollipop ladies
calling all sailors
the tinkering tailors
yodelling yokels
& sad gladiators
leopards & lepers
the elves of the forest
towering midgets
& flowering florists
calling all bankers
the butchers & wankers
media weasels
& lizard police
pig politicians
& squinting opticians
poltergeist mime troupes
& shrews with the blues
calling all pheasants
the swifts & the swallows
jack in the greenswards
& frost of the hollows
piss potting poets
the nymphs of the water
with no pref-err-ence
or particular order































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