under pickled onion skies


under pickled onion skies  (  seiks noino delkcip rednu  )

tumbleweed is crack in town

sunken suns - a solar crown

topples swan & skittles flea

red is black as grocers brown

lepers leap a peaking trough

rivers spin the phantom cough

tumours bloom in lieu of see

as the tinkers taper off

tailors chase a fading ghost

piffle snails a pillared post

weasels weave the bastard scree

keeping watch but burning toast

sailors sink & purses pinch

serpents smile & snake an inch

as the piffle quivers thee

but the seasons siskins finch

sing y' bunions lullabies

under pickled onion skies

hesper o'er crows & bee

bumbles spreading butterflies

bear's the air so square the peg

sound around & drown this smeg

hare the land of library

pantomimes on planet egg



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