the normalzzz


the normalzzz  (  zzzlamorn eht  )

they dwell in flesh & atoms

in sense-nibble chains

this fizz-ickle plain

is all as squall the yonder

is rubber balls on rubber walls

the piddles of a cabbage

the lunacy of lunar seas

a snake within the garden

a partridge in a pigeonhole

they thimble in this fester

with fettered steps

with speckled breath

they fear the phantom sniffles

& cheer the wars of fart from here

or all will apple crumble

& cut the custard's mustard skin

in scattered shapes of apeling

beneath the beady stars

but i am nutter normalzzz

& butter not the the golem's toast

the lore is woodland weasels

the evening snooze is spume

the whirled is spun with mirrors

but pan is not the piper pied

so eye am signets ringing

& sing beyond the swan



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