a rhyme a day


a rhyme a day  (  yad  a emyhr a  )

upon the sheet, a scrawl of a yawn

a whiff of fish - the crack of the dawn

aurora's minge is singing in me

the dictionary is bumbles of bee

within this tin - the whirls of a worm

the ink of squid, a squiggle, a squirm

a bolting vole, a turn of a shrew

a cul-de-sac but music's the glue

as bishops bash the head of a nail

& shepherds spot a flock in a vale

as england fogs the yonder beyond

as meadows glow & echoes respond

a hurling splurge, the hits of a miss

the that & this of pastoral piss

awake & snail the slime in the tank

a rhyme a day, a shite & a wank

( soz )



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