scrawling spring


scrawling spring  (  gnirps gnilwarcs  )

marble mars, saturn spins

needles weave, tapestries

spilling ink, egrets dip

feathered tips, water wings

pencil then, swans upon

estuaries, egging legs

mustard cress, crested newts

bursting blue, newish shoes

piffle pen, polka dots

chickenpox, spotted cows

seek the sound, roudabouts

underground, snorkelling

doves above, branches bat

bakers roll, inner-hills

kiss the fist, pigeon spit

swim within, mutant ooze

shake a fist, stir a bear

rabbit on, spur the hare

croaking odes, blossom hops

labyrinths, balls of string

history, histamine

seven seas, factor three

lemon trees, thermal vest

odd 'n' pods, peas 'n' queues

nodding dogs, hyacinth

mackerel sprats, hieroglyphs

purple path, further blurs

scrying eyes, scrawling spring

fingers slip, flutter dust

butter beans, buttercups

spilling this - vernal verse

seeking green, warning yous



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