of in between


of in between  (  neewteb ni fo  )

trudge in the mud with legs of lead

a pillar behind, a post ahead

roam in the gloaming's sliding scale

a sting in the tip of winter's tail

a crocus of frogs, the boxing hare

a cross on a map, the what's of where

a mumble of bees, a tongue of twist

a serpent of stirs, the ticks of list

a tocking of clocks & sup of tea

a beast from the east - a storming sea

the wet of the west, the north of south

the spittle of spin, a frothing mouth

a bubble of burst, the birding ode

a fawn of a morn, a crawling toad

a scrawl in the dawn of histamine

the seasonal mists of in between



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