ice came, ice thaw, ice conquered


ice came, ice thaw, ice conquered  (  dereuqnoc eci, waht eci, emac eci  )

the earth's an urn, a trudge of fudge

a phantom land upon the close

a sliding scale, a trail of sludge

a poet stirs, the serpents doze

a circle sings & stone is air

the crocus croak but not a frog

& night has flown but white's the hare

that's boxing in this belching bog

of squelching ground - the sound of swan

within the mists of in between

a sodden hymn, the gift of gone

a dance before this gland of green

is fever struck & strings are plucked

the woodland drips & all is thaw

as spring's unplugged but winter's fucked

the rest is wet, the rivers roar



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